The summer of 2020 has been etched in our minds as the season of rioting. As the Minnesotans watched our cities being burned and our local businesses being looted, our local politicians and political leaders stood by and watched. Some even celebrated the violence with calls to defund the police, which led to a mass exodus of over 200 police officers in Minneapolis alone. The shortage in staff resulted in huge spikes of crime that are now bleeding out into our suburbs.

We need to feel safe in our communities. As your representative in the Minnesota State Senate, I will advocate for funding that ensures our police departments have the tools and resources they need for recruiting and training officers and the mental health services that protect our first responders and our communities. Our brave men and women in blue deserve the tools and resources that will help them better serve the communities they are protecting.

I will also fight to protect 2nd amendment rights so all Minnesotans can protect themselves from any life-endangering threats they may encounter.


Why are smaller governments, lower taxes, and less regulation so important to our overall economy? Because the bigger our government gets, the more expensive and wasteful it becomes.

Even before Tim Waltz became Governor, the State of Minnesota couldn’t even run its Department of Motor Vehicles effectively, and the big Medicaid Expansion under Obamacare was a disaster. This has only grown worse. We saw this on display for the last 2 years as politicians demeaned the value of work and shoveled out unemployment checks and stimulus money to incentivize workers to stay home.

As a business owner, I have felt the effects of these policies. Higher taxes and over-regulation affect the company’s bottom line, and businesses are forced to do four things that are devastating to the overall economy:

1. They stop hiring.
2. They downsize, and people lose their jobs.
3. They pass the extra cost unto the customers.
4. They go out of business if they can’t survive. As the head of our household, my wife and I have felt the effects of higher gas and food prices.

As a Minnesotan, I have felt the impact of being overtaxed while watching in awe as our political leaders celebrate the over-taxation and fight over how they can continue to wastefully spend the state surplus rather than returning the money to the Minnesotans who are struggling to put food on the table.

As your Senator, I will advocate for ending wasteful, counter-productive spending and programs. Taxpayers and small businesses in Minnesota deserve our respect and support. And I will help restore both to the State Legislature.


Educational institutions sit as the foundation of any well-functioning society. I believe that education is the gateway to success. Why? Because when you learn more, you can earn more. The Covid19 pandemic truly highlighted the weaknesses of our public education system. Many of our political leaders, as well as teacher’s union leaders, believe that more funding will help solve many of the problems that plague our public education institutions but it seems more funding is merely a Band-Aid to hide the wounds deep within the system itself. I believe the technology and facilities we have in place are adequate; we need to take the corrupt unions, leaders, and politics out and allow the parents, students, and teachers to develop the plans and goals they agree on work best.

We need to advocate for not only traditional learning environments but also alternative learning environments through school choice. Learning can take place in many forms and many ways. Taxpayers should be allowed to choose what works best for them and direct where their taxpayer dollars should go to educate their children. Charter schools, public schools, home schools, and online courses, to name a few, should compete to bring out the best results from their staff, improve student test scores, and give students and their families the tools they need to be successful highly educated. Just think about it, our children are the future. If we equip them with a solid education, they will maintain and even surpass foreseeable expectations.


I genuinely believe that freedom is one of the most motivating factors driving our robust U.S. economy and entrepreneurship. Yes, we live in a country where people can enjoy the fruits of their labor, especially when the government doesn’t take more than it should.

In 2020 and 2021, we saw a colossal government power grab in the name of safety and protection from the Covid19 virus. Local stores, restaurants, and churches were shut down, schools and gyms were forced to close, but the multimillion-dollar corporations and so-called essential government jobs were allowed to continue with business as usual.

As your representative, I will fight to protect your God-given rights and freedoms. I will work to ensure that no politician will have the power to limit or take them away. What good are prosperity and wealth if you don’t have the freedom to enjoy them? In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”


As a black man, I genuinely believe that America has come a long way when it comes to institutionalized racism. Today, anybody, no matter their race, creed, or religion, can achieve greatness if they are willing to put the work in and be consistent. We have countless examples of hardworking immigrants who move to America, learn to speak English, embrace the American culture, and become very successful business owners, doctors, lawyers, legislators, etc.

As your representative, I advocate for equality over equity. We all deserve the same opportunities to succeed in life. We may not have similar results or outcomes but as long as we are provided with the tools and resources, we all have the chance to make a better life for ourselves.

To me, that is what the American Dream is all about and all Americans should be thankful to live in a country that offers so many opportunities. We can all find our niche and maximize our chance for “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Parents Rights

Every community starts with a family. Before there was church, family, school, or government, GOD created family. As a pastor, I have spoken with many parents across the political spectrum and I have noticed a common threat - PARENTAL RIGHTS! They are tired of their voices being silenced when it comes to raising their children. They want safe communities for their families and opportunities to improve their quality of life. Most parents view this as a high priority and, as your representative, so will I.